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Thinking Out Loud

Challenge Entry – My Current Relationship

Nearly ten months ago on a warm sunny day I was in the midst of crisis management over SMS with a girl I had been talking to for roughly a week. Her Windstar had broken down on the side of the road for what turned out to be the last time. Despite her wishes against my coming to rescue her from this dire situation, I ventured out to pick her up. This turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Minutes later we were laying in a soccer field, and I asked her to be my girlfriend.

To this day she brings a joy and wonderment to my life that has never been equaled. No relationship is perfect and without its conflict, but never have I felt so loved. She keeps my restless mind in check, and we have strong mutual support for one another when times are difficult. She’s more than just a girlfriend; she’s a partner, confidant, and friend.

On that same day Sara and I began our relationship together, I met someone whose approval meant more to me than anyone else in Sara’s life. I met Audrina, her then six year old daughter. Despite my fears about how Drina would feel about me, from the moment we met we were able to connect with an astonishing ease. She now calls me “daddy,” and when Sara and I take our relationship to the next level, I plan to make her my daughter in the eyes of the law.

Twenty-one weeks ago our family grew once again, with the conception of Landon Douglas. Though the closest I can get to my son is via resting my hand on Sara’s belly, I can already feel my love for him growing every single day. The idea of bringing new life into the world could humble the most confident among us, but I’m as ready for the challenge as anyone could be. It’s a healthy mix of nervousness and excitement.

Our relationship is a wonderful one.


Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Right now, you’re just about three months along. While it’s gotten better, you still make Mommy sick from time to time. You even rejected Honey Nut Cheerios the other morning! That’s okay though, because the hormones making Mommy sick are also helping you to have a comfy place to grow. The doctors gave her something to take to make it better, but she is still reminded of your presence by way of nausea from time to time. You’re growing, and I often dream about who you’ll be when you grow up. I look forward to knowing whether you’re a boy or a girl, and eventually being able to call you a name that isn’t baby. 

Your first photo. They wouldnt let me take it, sadly.

Right now you’re on stage. Mommy has worked very hard to be a part of a play, and you’re along for the ride. The play is called Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Mommy plays God during the apocalypse! Though she will probably always be too modest to admit it, she’s very talented and bright. There are many reasons why I fell in love with Mommy, but I won’t go into all of them right now. If you turn out to be a thespian when you grow up, I won’t be surprised at all. This is the second performance which you’ve been a part of, even if no one can see you (or hear you) for now. 

Right now you’re a lime, but soon you’ll be as big as a plum!

It’s going to be an adventure from here on out. The first few years are going to challenge me and Mommy, but the amount of love we have for you and for each other is immense. Your big sister Audrina also has so much love for you, and can’t wait to feed you and help you get dressed. I can’t wait to see you two interact with each other and bond. We’ve been doing a lot of bonding as well, even though you don’t know it. Every time I get the chance, I have my hands on Mommy’s tummy. It’s such a wonderful feeling, an immense one, but I know it’s nothing compared to how I’ll feel when I hold you for the first time. 

I know I’ll write you more letters, and maybe someday we can look back and read them together. I can’t wait to watch you grow.