5 Reasons Evernote Should Be in Your Life Right Now

If you were to search the Apple App Store with the word “notebook,” you would be staring down about 773 results. Sure, these apps make a genuine attempt to make your life more organized, yet all but one has left me wishing for more. I would suggest to you, kind reader, that the only one worth bothering with is Evernote. Being able to manage my notes effectively is important to me, and nobody makes it easier or more intuitive. Not only am I going to make such a claim, I’m also going to give you five reasons why I think so.

It’s free (and a few bucks extra makes it even better)

That’s right, free! All of the wonderful benefits of using Evernote I’m about to spell out come at no cost. It doesn’t matter how many devices you use it on. This is great for college students looking for a digital way to organize their notes, someone in business to better organize their projects, or the chef of the family to keep track of their recipes.


Five bucks a month adds several more useful features. My personal favorite is the ability to mark up PDFs using highlighting, text annotations, handwriting, and more. Evernote Premium also gives you the ability to open the app with a passcode or fingerprint (iOS), download all of your notes for offline use, and gives a total of 5GB of online storage for your notes.

It works on just about anything with a screen

Some are very brand loyal when it comes to their technological life, so when an app as useful as Evernote is available no matter what you’re using, it’s certainly refreshing. I can easily make changes to my notes on my iPhone, add some more information on my Mac, share a notebook with a friend who uses an Android phone, and pull up Evernote on the web on a clunky PC. This support for all things electronic comes in handy for the next reason.

The collaboration tools make teamwork a happy time. 


Because of Evernote’s ability to cut across platform lines, collaborating using the service is extremely easy. Simply invite someone to a notebook you have, and the other person is now able to make changes to whatever you’re working on. There’s even a built in chat feature which allows you to work with someone without having to give out your number.

It’s an organizational juggernaut

Without even lifting a finger, Evernote helps you to organize. One of the first things that dazzled me about the app is its use of where you’re at on your calendar and where you’re located (using GPS) to title your note. For example, if I’m at school in my PR class and I create a new note, it will automatically title it “Note from Middletown at PR Methods.” This feature prevents you from ending up with a bunch of nameless notes to sift through.


Evernote also lets your organize your notes into notebooks, and even to put those notebooks into different stacks. This gives you tons of latitude to organize your notes and notebooks just the way you’d like it.

Additionally, Evernote excels at note taking. It allows you to easily create outline-style notes, highlight, record audio, add pictures, tags, and other formatting. This makes Evernote extremely powerful for students as well as professionals in business, journalism, public relations, and other areas.

Evernote is part of a very organized family of apps and accessories

On its own, Evernote is exceptionally powerful. For added functionality, Evernote has several sister apps that allow you to do even more. Scannable allows you to scan documents using your phones camera or a physical scanner you can purchase from them. Scanned documents can then be sent directly to your Evernote notebooks. Penultimate for the iPad allows you to take hand-written notes. Skitch is a quirky but useful app which allows you to take a picture and annotate it with scribbles and text. Since Evernote owns all of these apps, integration is swift and foolproof.

Evernote is an app I’m constantly recommending to others. I’ve been using it for years, and I don’t see myself switching to anything else. If you have any uses for Evernote that I missed or any questions about it, feel free to comment!

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