A Picture in 374 Words: Day 156, Evan


Details: 50mm f/1.8, 1/100 sec at f/5, ISO 100

Though it was a project cut short, over the course of 365 portraits I had some wild adventures. There were days where the photographs came easy. I would ride a wave of a consistent string of volunteers. There were others that had their own unique challenges. Evan’s portrait was certainly one for the books.

The day started out at a show in Fredericksburg. Evan is an amazingly talented musician, so I was immediately thrilled to be able to take his portrait. His band, American Arson, really stole the show (check them out). After trying my hardest to take a portrait in a garage with the lighting of a Hollister store, I decided to relent and take his portrait at a friend’s house. It seemed very cut and dry, for the time being.

As the show came to a close, everyone slowly began to trickle to their cars. The talent needed some nourishment, so we all stopped at Sheetz. I left a few minutes early in order to get to my friend’s house and set up ahead of time. I put up my lighting and employed myself to be a test subject. Everything was set, and ready to go. However, the others hit a snag and were delayed. At this point they were about 15 minutes away from the home in Hershey, and it would’ve been approximately 11:40PM. The kicker here is, I had a rule through the whole project that the photos had to be taken before midnight, or the project would end immediately.

Fast forward to 11:55PM and they still haven’t showed up. I was getting increasingly nervous and uneasy. I was pacing outside, begging any deity that would listen to get them to show up on time. At 11:59, they finally arrived. I rushed Evan into the house, sat him down where I had set everything up, and took 3 or 4 pictures. I had pulled it off, somehow. While it’s not the most creative portrait I’ve ever taken, it had been done.

This was perhaps the closest call I had during the entire project. Though it ended only a few weeks later, this prompted me to put a least a bit more effort into planning these portraits ahead. Phew!


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