Pouring Too Much

It was a daunting task from the start, but one with such a simple goal; one portrait every day of someone different for an entire year.



Day 33 – Jade

Everyone who heard about it thought I was either ambitious, crazy, or a healthy mixture of the two. Admittedly, it was probably more than I could handle. Nevertheless, I went at it with a starry-eyed blindness. The pace was exciting. The pressure of not only capturing a likeness but creating something that could loosely be defined as artistic was compelling.


Day 84 – Luke

To admit that I’ve succeeded at a portrait, whatever success means when interpreting a craft like this, takes a lot. When you chimp at the LCD on the back of your camera and get that distinct “that’s the one, I got it” feeling, it’s like dope straight to the brain. This is what kept things moving forward. Each day introduced a new pressure to pull off something special.


Day 72 – Mary

Though money was not asked for or expected, nobody wants to be portrayed poorly. Convincing someone to sit, lay, play, jump, or smile for the camera is hard enough when concerns of public image isn’t solely for the rich and famous any longer. A portrait that was less than stellar was photographic treason in my mind, but when I “got it,” it was a feeling of invincibility.


Day 167 – Julie

This is the first time I’ve decided to think about the project, and its early conclusion, in any meaningful way. There are many conversations to be had about the creative process and what it means. My writing in this particular post will certainly not be the last about 365 portraits. It’s my way of greeting it again, to pick it apart, and to figure out how to go about it more effectively whenever I decide to dance with it again.


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